Book Club: it's all about keeping up MOMENTUM! 

Our Book Clubs meet on Fridays at The Little Bookroom, after school at 4pm. They are for kids who want to find a great new read, chat about it and snack over hot chips!

We choose each book club title with a few things in mind: it must be hot off the press so that no one has had a chance to read it; and preferably Australian – we are very lucky to live in a city with so many talented authors and strong publishers. Choosing Australian novels means we’re supporting our local industry. And we can invite the author to join us!

We hope that our Book Club will encourage young readers to challenge their usual tastes, think critically about books without ‘losing the fun’, and meet other readers. After all, there’s nothing better than a peer recommendation (no matter how hard we grown-up booksellers try).

Numbers are limited, and our aim is that the selected novel will be read before Book Club to avoid the risk of spoilers.

If you have any queries please email - we’re grateful for any feedback. 


Year 3&4 - 'Charlie and the Karaoke Cockroaches' by Alan Brough


Year 5&6 - 'The Rogues: Accidental Heroes' by Lian Tanner

Year 1&2 - 'Dr Boogaloo and the Girl Who Lost Her Laughter' by Lisa Nicol

Year 3&4 - 'The Witching Hours: The Vampire Knife' by Jack Hanseleit

Year 5&6 - 'Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow' by Jessica Townsend


Christmas Break-up party! Friday December 8, 4pm. All welcome!