Graphic Novel Subscription (Ages 8-14)

This subscription will include three brand new Graphic Novel titles sent to you every three months carefully hand-picked by our specialist staff at The Little Bookroom.

The books are all stand-alone titles or first in a series so you can jump in anywhere with no prior reading required. Wherever possible we’ll preference local Australian authors because we really do love them best, but we won’t let you miss out on an international release we think you just have to have.

As Graphic Novels have a wide readership, all selections will be suitable for ages 8-14, so while some titles may be on the younger side for the older end of readers, they will still be enjoyable. And while others might feature slightly older themes than some readers will be used to, nothing will be unsuitable for confident 8 year old readers.

December/January/February releases sent out at the beginning of February.
March/April/May releases sent out at the beginning of May
June/July/August releases sent out at the beginning of August
September/October/November releases sent out at the beginning of November

New subscribers will receive the bundle corresponding to the three month period in which they subscribed.

Price includes delivery.

$75.00 on the 15th day of every 3rd month

First payment: June 15, 2024