Year 1 and 2 Fiction Subscription

This subscription will include three brand new titles sent to you every two months carefully hand-picked by our specialist staff at The Little Bookroom.

The books are all stand-alone titles or first in a series so you can jump in anywhere with no prior reading required. Wherever possible we’ll preference local Australian authors because we really do love them best, but we won’t let you miss out on an international release we think you just have to have.

We’re launching the Fiction Subscription with the perfect end of year gift: some of our top picks for gifts from 2020.

Sign up now to receive the below bundle of books, then starting February 2021, you’ll get our selections as a surprise every two months.

  • Pierre’s Not There by Ursula Dubosarsky
    A girl who transforms into a dog, a magic puppet show with the power to change lives, and a story about the mysteries of the imagination from Ursula Dubosarsky, the Australian Children’s Laureate.
    Lara had always wished she was a dog, and one day, just for a short time, she actually became one. This is how it happened.In a mulberry brick house on the harbour that Lara explores while her mother cleans, Lara meets Pierre, a boy about her age with a beautiful antique puppet theatre. With his puppets, he tells her a story about a boy whose family has been eaten by wolves. The boy is lost. He needs to find his grandmother. Lara takes the part of a dog, but suddenly she can no longer tell where she ends and Dog begins. Or is she Wolf? Caught up in Pierre’s story, Lara has to fight to protect her identity – and her new friend. Can she help Pierre find his way home? Pierre’s Not There is a lyrical, captivating and imaginative story that can be read on many levels.
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  • Naughty Dragons: Make Trouble! by Natalie Jane Prior and illustrated by imon Howe
    In the Laidley Hundreds, dangerous wild dragons roam the Highlands. But dragons aren’t born bad – just naughty! When Ava and Jack’s parents agree to foster two young dragons, the siblings can’t believe their luck. But teaching a mischievous pair of dragons how to behave isn’t easy, and Jack and Ava will have their work cut out for them with Graun and Fafnine. They might look sweet, but don’t let that fool you – these dragons can cause trouble like you wouldn’t believe. ​ Perfect for fans of How to Train Your Dragon and the surreal humour of David Walliams, Naughty Dragons is a highly visual series for readers 6+, packed with rollicking adventure, riotous laughs and oodles of mischief.
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  • How to Make a Pet Monster: Hodgepodge by Lili Wilkinson and illustrated by Dustin Spence
    A fantastically readable, gloriously funny and highly collectable new junior fiction series. I’m Artie. I’m eleven years old. I do not believe in ghosts, or monsters. I do believe in science. I also believe that my step-sister Willow is kinda terrifying. Willow and I found a weird old book in the attic of our new house. It’s called the Big Boke of Fetching Monsters. And it tells you how to make your own monster. But that’s impossible. You DEFINITELY can’t make a monster, because MONSTERS DO NOT EXIST.
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January/February releases sent out at the beginning of February.
March/April releases sent out at the beginning of April
May/June releases sent out at the beginning of June
July/August releases sent out at the beginning of August
September/October releases sent out at the beginning of October
November/December releases sent out at the beginning of December

New subscribers will receive the bundle corresponding to the two month period in which they subscribed.

Price includes delivery.

$50.00 every 2 months