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Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Sunday: 9.30am – 4pm (ish)

Monday: by appointment only


220 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy Village, VIC 3068

TELEPHONE 03 9387 9837



Tram 11, stop 23.

Parking is available in surrounding streets.

You may also like to visit our big-sister shop: Neighbourhood Books, an indie general bookshop in Westgarth Village: 79 High Street, Northcote. P 8679 6777


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Orders over $60 are free freight and there is only a $5 charge otherwise.

We ship with a mixture of Courier and Australia Post.

Our Story - A Little History


Leesa loves books and people. So running a bookshop that brings her two favourite things together is literally a dream come true! Connecting young readers with new books and holding space for the community to assemble (virtually or IRL) brings her unending joy.


Leesa’s Favourites

Leesa’s Neighbourhood Favourites 

Leesa Lambert

Lesley Lambert

Having once been a child herself, raised four of her own and now with two little grandchildren, Lesley understands kids. She absolutely has the knack! Always ready with an encouraging word for new parents, or a knowing nod for the custodians of teenagers, she gets parents too!


Lesley Lambert

Ian Lambert

Ian’s grandchildren believe that his primary function is to read them stories. Throughout 2020 Ian has taken to home delivering books to the children of Melbourne inner north (even on Sundays) and thanks to this, and his jolly demeanor, he has become widely known as ‘Book Santa’. He particularly likes books featuring chickens.


Ian’s Favourites

Ian Lambert

Alison Evans

Alison is the author of the YA novels Euphoria Kids, Highway Bodies and Ida. Their work also appeared in Michael’s anthology Kindred: 12 Queer #LoveOzYA Stories. They’re a lover of children’s books, especially anything Australian!


Alison’s Favourites

Alison Evans

Hannah Nixon

Speech pathologist turned bookseller, Hannah has a deep love of language and the way that it connects us. Her greatest joys include bottomless cups of tea, reading books with her kids and hiding from her kids to read books. An omnivorous reader, Hannah has particular soft spots for middle grade fantasy, Irish crime and brilliantly narrated audio books.


Hannah’s Favourites


Hannah Nixon

Paul Goodman

Paul has four years of bookselling experience but worked the prerequisite library job where he wrote unsubtly at his desk for half of his twenties. He podcasts, composes and has a few short stories published here and there, so he has a sense for good writing and a lot of enthusiasm for exciting and original children’s books. When not out the front effusing he’s behind the curtain out back creating airs of mystery but mostly dealing with the books coming in and going out. He’s also English, and is instantly recognisable by his top hat.


Paul’s Favourites

Paul Goodman

Sarah Robinson-Hatch

With 7+ years of bookselling experience, Sarah is passionate about Young Adult literature and promoting books that are authentic, joyous and full of heart. Having completed a Bachelor of Communications and an Advanced Diploma of Professional Screenwriting, there’s nothing Sarah loves more than discovering great stories and spreading the word to everyone who will listen. They’re also the host of the local Young Adult book club, The YA Room, which is open to all lovers of YA (whether they be teens or adults) and meets once a month at Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio in Fitzroy North.


Sarah’s Favourites

Sarah Robinson-Hatch



As a child, Milo always loved coming to The Little Bookroom and spending all their parents’ money on books, so they’re very happy to be working here, allowing them to spend all their own money on books instead! He always enjoy a cup of tea, especially when paired with a book. They love most young adult books and graphic novels, but if you really want him to read a book, just tell him there’s queer characters and they’ll grab it immediately.


Milo’s Favourites


Gabriel Hopper

With three years of book selling experience, Gabe brings passion and enthusiasm to the wonderful world of children’s literature. They’re currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Archaeology, and has a keen interest in the natural world, human history, and science.


Gabriel’s Favourites

Gabriel Hopper

Warren Bonett

Warren has had more jobs than he has candles on his birthday cake (it’s a lot)! From a veterinary assistant to legal clerk; from graphic designer to cycle courier; but his first job, at eleven, was with Stoneman’s Bookshop in Castlemaine when he still had only 12 candles on his cakes. He’s also worked as a bookseller in London, Noosa, Adelaide and Melbourne. Most recently he owned and ran Embiggen Books next to the Victorian State Library. And for the past 3 years he has immersed himself in children’s picture books as he attempts to both write and illustrate his own.


Warren’s Favourites

Warren Bonett

Leni James

Leni has been a bookseller for four years. She studied literature at university with particular attention to Romanticism and ecology.  When reading, her first instinct is toward fiction in contemporary, realist settings with female protagonists but also loves historical and speculative novels. She has recently become hooked on classic Japanese crime novels. She also likes to read around her interests in politics, modern dance, literary theory but this seems to take her much longer. She can be found most days at Neighborhood Books.


Leni’s Favuorites at Neighbourhood Books

Leni James (Neighbourhood Books)

Liam Jose

Liam has over a decade of experience as a bookseller, including a four year stint owning Grub Street Bookshop. They co-founded Crime Factory Publications, a now-defunct small-press, and have worked extensively as an editor and publisher. They live with their elderly dog, Jimmy, and existential dread. They have been with the Little Bookroom family for five years, but now work solely at Neighbourhood Books



Liam’s Favourites at The Little Bookroom

Liam’s Neighbourhood Favourites

Liam Jose (Neighbourhood Books)

Rachel Chopping

Rachel joined Neighbourhood Books after moving to Melbourne from Canberra in February 2022. She’s confident no Melbourne weather could be colder than a Canberra winter. When not working at Neighbourhood, she’s studying at RMIT and freelance editing. She enjoys books about women being sad and believes most non-fiction could be improved if they added a romantic subplot.


Rachel’s Favourites at Neighbourhood Books

Rachel Chopping (Neighbourhood Books)

Lyras Deaer (Neighbourhood Books)